I am not writing much tonight. I am still thawing out after an afternoon and then an evening spent wrapped around the fingertips of my two respective dogs. The wind was, apparently, causing all the dogs to play silly knickers in outdoor training today. And I shall never understand how @Morethanmum could withstand the sub-Arctic temperatures at Cudham today clad in just a T shirt.

Apparently if I dislike the cold, I have the wrong sort of dog. When our trainer told me this a vision popped into my head of one of those late Georgian/Early Victorian heroines, all ringlets and spinnets, sitting in a window seat reading something improving with a little spaniel curled up in her lap. Naturally I dismissed this hallucination immediately because I love flatcoats and hope I shall always have one in my life. Gundogs like being out running around in the cold and I do not, though. This is one reason, but only one, that I don’t go out training at weekends with the class but one day perhaps even I shall succumb.


Last week I started the process of opening an Indian bank account with HSBC India. Since we now have a mortgage with them here in the UK, and I need an Indian bank from which to pay my mother’s care fees, it seemed a logical step. We’re hoping we can also set up a Canadian account for when the BW goes off there in a few weeks’ time.

Anyway, Indian bureaucracy and I are old friends, aren’t we? I spent two hours in the bank with two very helpful employees, on the phone to another employee, and we went through all the forms over the phone: where to sign; where to stamp; which photographs and glue to obtain; two witness signatures, all that stuff. We thought we had been meticulous and systematic.

Today a representative from India called me to say that, because my signature had not appeared on the pages of the form that I had considered to be irrelevant to my application, they were sending the application back to me. Oh and, apparently, my signature on the application form was only an 85% match with my signature on my passport. So get this: I now have to write a letter declaring that my signature on the application form is my true signature. And sign it, presumably.