So the slate came today:



And I think they’ve finished the painting but otherwise it’s been a twiddly thumbs sort of day on the build. Apparently the packet of screws and fixings didn’t arrive with the pocket sliding doors (think IKEA flatpacks) and they had to be chased.

But, fingers crossed, tomorrow is going to be a BIG DAY: the housing for the fireplace is to be fitted by Bad Nigel (some call him Terrible Nigel) and Dave the electrician should arrive to do the second fix electrics. Most excitingly, the DOORS should be here and installed by Ashley.

I feel twitchy because I’ve been here before: thinking things were on the verge of happening and then they didn’t. Haven’t we all been in situations like that, I suppose? Plus I’m having a car serviced and openings up a new bank account in India (I hope.) So it will be all go. Fingers crossed.