Tell the truth, I’ve little to write tonight.

Friday is my favourite day. Of necessity I generally spend some time at the gym. The Boywonder walked the dogs before it got too hot. I finished yesterday’s ironing; did some crochet and then watched the remarkable Williams vs Watson tennis match.

The house, on the other hand, did not benefit from such a tranquil day. Today was the day when the builders punched holes in the walls and made doorways. Fruity language filtered even through my sound-deadening headphones. It was touch and go, but we have some reinstated and new doorways this evening, waiting for lintels, plastering, doors, I don’t know.

Unfortunately the going was heavier than they had at first anticipated, hence the fruity language, and I have holes in my temporary kitchen wall and plastic dust sheets everywhere tonight. I’d hoped to bring you pictures of the undoubted progress today but unfortunately the builders have boarded up the site for security.

We had some bad news today: we have to replace our boiler. Our current one, installed carelessly by our previous builders building the loft conversion 10 years ago has given us nothing but problems. Today a lovely heating man showed me the corrosion that has built up in the condensing boiler in the last 10 years. Apparently, 10 years is the average life span of a boiler (mean, median or mode?) and ours has leaks everywhere and is unsafe to connect. Luckily it’s summer, and very warm, so we don’t need our radiators, as he explained that he would be struck off the Gas Safe register if he reconnected it .

So a new boiler will be about £2,200. This is to add to the expense of remaking our drive, which has been ruined by concrete mixers, grab lorries and delivery trucks. It was bodged DIY and could not withstand the weight so now we’re going to have to redo that.

Honestly: it never ends. Having said that, a choir friend was telling me that her kitchen project was started last November and they’ve had to have damp treatment, a new drive, and new foundations for their garage so I expect we are escaping relatively lightly.

I’m quite drowsy now both from fatigue and wine, and as I write a loud thunderstorm rages overhead bringing a little rain in momentaneous squalls of huge droplets. It is time for bed: to tuck myself under the duvet and be glad that I am safe.

Goodnight all.