As you’ll know, In February of this year we became heavily involved in the fight against the sudden cut of 100% of our beloved BYMT’s funding. A deal was struck with Bromley Council eventually, but it still meant that the Trust lost 50% of its funding this year. Next year they will lose the remaining 50% and the lease on the music centre building is up for reconsideration in 2017.

It is my feeling that many Bromley Councillors have no idea of the value of music and the arts in feeding the souls of children to create well-rounded interesting adults. To many it would seem that learning to play classical instruments at this level is an elitist pastime and therefore not worthy of their consideration.

This is already becoming a self-fulfilling prophesy. Music will become the preserve of an elite few if we don’t nurture it in young people.

Please take a look at this video and share it if you feel able. Any donations towards preserving the Bromley Youth Music Trust for future generations of enthusiastic children will be gratefully received.