I have no home Broadband. 

Something bad has happened in my house – I don’t know what – and now I feel emasculated.
Feeble, isn’t it? I’m off to India tomorrow and I’m wondering whether I can do any of the online things I take for granted: advance check in for my flight; an Ocado order for all the stuff they’ll need next week; more clarinet reeds; presents for MsDD’s music teachers and birthday presents for her friends.

It’s such a cliché but it’s not until we lose something that we realise how much we depend on it. 

Anyway, I’ll just post this and cross my fingers that something miraculous will happen to restore my phone line today. 

I’ll tidy up for breakfast; put some laundry on; walk the dogs; do some singing practice and tonight I’m doing front of house and ticket sales for the BYCB’s annual leavers’ concert, given by the elite band in conjunction with the youngest children just starting out on their band life. It’s always an emotional occasion.

If I can I’ll post some photos from there. Until then, have a good day.