It doesn’t look or feel like we are half way there, but apparently we are.

Our building work is normally boarded up for security reasons which means that we are unable to see what work is going on. I think it is normal for clients at this stage of work to wonder whether there is, in fact, any work going on at all.

It was, perhaps, for this reason that the builders took down the boarding behind what used to be the door from our hall to our sitting room today. Could it be that they sensed the tension of expectation in the air? Could today have marked the point at which, finally, there will be no more demolition only construction and therefore no invading, encroaching dust? I can’t give an definitive answer until our next site meeting on Thursday.

However, our door now leads somewhere again and, like Alice in her Wonderland I waited until the builders’ departure this afternoon to reach tentatively for the door handle. This is what awaited me:


Ugh. When will it be finished, though?