Today was John’s 50th birthday.

Let’s take a moment to consider this.

He feels better than he did at forty, when he was commuting weekly to Paris; frantically trying to learn sufficient elegant business French (he has an O level but that’s about it) to manage in French in Paris and not doing any exercise. So that’s great.

But this is is busy time of year and he didn’t take his birthday off work as usual. And we also filled our day.

MsDD is still on exam leave but had to go into school first thing for a clarinet ensemble rehearsal of a piece they hardly know ready for a masterclass with renowned clarinettist Emma Johnson, who is giving a concert at their school on Monday evening. She played in the Bromley Youth Concert Band with my OH many years ago, funnily enough.

I waited outside school before 9 to collect her and we went off to Gail’s, the renowned London cafe that poses as a bakery in Dulwich, which was buzzing at that time on a sunny humid London Friday morning. What can I say? The people love Fridays.

Dulwich people are a tribe apart and here is a picture of a car outside Café Rouge in the exclusive Dulwich Village.


Believe it or not, this car is PARKED! #Dulwich

Thence to Penshurst and Chiddingstone and my cousin, who has a friend whose daughter attends the Canadian university where the Boywonder is starting in September. It was good for the two of them to make contact and chat about the practicalities of life in Montréal and how to go about things. In the meantime we sat in the extensive garden of this beautiful old country house drinking coffee and eating cakes.


roses in my cousin’s garden

A dog walk around Penshurst Place and back to Beckenham through traffic which made us almost had an hour late for MsDD’s pre-audition run through of the Weber Concertante with her accompanist. Whoops.


Thence to BYMT to fold and distribute raffle tickets and attend a parents’ meeting about their forthcoming trip to Andalusia. I appear to have become a de-facto committee chair and secretary. Not quite sure how that happened.

Following that an attempt to join the parents in law, the OH and the Boywonder for their birthday supper at Carluccio’s in Bromley, which seemed to have given up on its customers, so we stopped at Pizza Exprress for a take away pizza, came home and collapsed.

I’m exhausted and we don’t seem to have seen much of the OH on his landmark birthday. Let’s hope we can rectify this tomorrow.