You’ll have noticed, dear reader that Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s posts  often squeak in just before midnight turns me into a pumpkin, and sometimes I’m even writing in a state of squash. This is because I am out at quiz on Tuesday and choir on Wednesday and, if I’ve either had no inspiration or no time to post that day – sometimes both – before going out, it’s usually after 11 by the time I return home.

And so it is this evening. I went to the pub after choir and I hung back in the car park and managed to avoid being talked at by the less conversationally-gifted members of our happy band. Instead I chatted to our lovely choir master for a while, which was nice. As you can image, he’s always in demand but it was obviously my turn this evening.

We spent the afternoon at Bluewater getting various jobs done and on our return there was little time left to cook a meal and eat it before I had to rush off to choir so this was my offering this evening:

It’s a quick and easy dish to rustle up in a temporary kitchen:

You just sauté an onion with some lardons until the onion is soft and the lardons are cooked. Add mushrooms and do the same. Add some thyme and season then add sliced mushrooms and sauté. You could add a bit of white wine if you liked at this point and bubble it all down but we had none open so I didn’t.

Then add some leafy greens or cabbage – Savoy works well but here I’ve got spring greens – that have been finely sliced, rinsed and drained. Cover a cook for a while until the greens have wilted.

Add a small tub of creme fraiche. I guess some mustard might be an idea too – wish I’d thought of that earlier on – and then some orzo which you have previously cooked and drained. Add some of the pasta cooking water if you like.

Heat it all through and serve. Yum.