Good evening.

Not for the first time, I really have nothing coherent about which to blog this evening. So what’s new, you might ask.

Still, I have set myself the task of a daily post so post so here goes:

What did I do today?

Well, I spent the first part at the gym, having done the usual morning chores of breakfast; feeding dogs; taking dogs out for a “call of nature;” the washing up.

Then I went to the gym and ran on a treadmill for 30 mins; did some work with legs and triceps and 10 minutes’  rowing.

Home for lunch, which for me was leftovers from last night. For my children it was: respectively, sandwiches and wraps from Waitrose (no doubt prepared by immigrants using their bare hands,) and a panini in an expensive coffee shop. Hm. Not sure I’m doing this parenting thing quite right.

A nice man named Nigel came from The Gas Fireplace came and looked around our building site of a home and drew a drawing and quoted a quote which, and here’s where I fall over with astonishment, is a lot more than the amount for which we have budgeted for what will be a very nice fireplace indeed. Ho Hum.

Following that I went to see my friend Graeme at Amazing Spaces and wrote a very large cheque for my kitchen appliances with the express condition that a very nice person from Miele will come and spend the day with me and show me how to use them. It will probably be a woman but if they send Daniel Craig to show me how to whip up a soufflé, I won’t send him back with a flea in his ear. Graeme: I’ve immortalised this promise in writing now. There’s no going back on it.

A singing practice after that in which I failed to convince myself that I’ll even be able to sing Strauss Lieder to performance standard. I also failed to operate the complex chain of events which links my laptop via Airplay and the illuminated television set to any of the amplifiers and speakers we have in the house. So that’s a tech fail right there.

Then pub quiz: where, because of our lack of knowledge of sport or 1990s pop, we came a disappointing 4th. One of the quiz questions was:

“According to the 2011 Census, what is the 2nd most widely spoken language in the UK?

A wag on my team said “English.” I felt a pang of hurt but let it go. We answered Punjabi but a different team member said “All those Bangladeshis speak Urdu, don’t they?

Of course, the answer was Polish. But the Poles aren’t quite as noticeable as us brown people I guess, are they?

That’s it.

More inspired tomorrow. Perhaps.