Disregard those circles. I don’t know what they are. But this was taken from my landing window at 6.30 this morning. The threatened thunderstorms didn’t materialise and it was a pleasantly warm, reasonably sunny day in the end.

I am trying to think of some contrived simile about marriages and relationships in general, and chinks of light behind clouds turning a day that threatens to be stormy into a sunny one, but I shan’t insult your intelligence by doing that.

Today (I mean yesterday because it’s now June 6th) was our 22nd wedding anniversary. We celebrated with a relaxed lunch in the sunshine at La Rascasse, a local restaurant run coincidentally by the people who bought the house that we almost bought at the end of our road.

This evening was spent at Covent Garden, where we saw La Bohème, and great hot tears ran down my face most of the way through. That Puccini is a real devil when it comes to manipulating people with music.