No, don’t all close down the tab and return to Twitter. This post isn’t that gloomy, I promise you. There is feeling about Sunday evenings though, isn’t there? Going back to work and preparing for the week ahead. For MsDD it’s straight from the relative ease of half term – even though she’s been revising all week and practising every day for her Grade 6 ballet exam, which she took yesterday – back to two weeks of school exams.

Our cleaning lady is going to do MsDD’s room tomorrow so naturally she’s spent all day tidying in preparation. This event happens every two weeks. My calm explanations that if she kept her room reasonably tidy – I’m not talking a museum here – then she wouldn’t need to spend hours tidying it every fortnight have fallen on the stony ground of her stubbornness as usual.

The curriculum appears to have changed in the four years since the Boywonder was in Year 10, or perhaps it’s because the school has switched mainly to the iGCSE curriculum, but there are no Controlled Assessments to worry about that count towards the final exam marks. In our case it’s just as well: MsDD has been so absorbed in other things: the school productions first of Anything Goes and then of Oliver Twist, that I’d be very surprised if she’s managed to work on or learn anything this year, especially when you consider how many lessons she’s spent in the nurses’ station due to her dizzy spells.

The school has been very good and helpful about this, and if necessary, they’ll write this year off but it means she has everything still to do next year. I am trying not to fret about it all but I really can’t help it. These years are fundamental for the rest of their lives.

We find ourselves now teetering on the cusp of week 10 of our building project. There have been delays with deliveries and the builders are a little behind but apparently 60% of the work is now done. In the absence of supporting steels, promised delivery on Friday,  the back of our house has been held up all weekend by 10 acro supports. We have managed to refrain from jumping up and down, just in case our activity demolishes the remains of our original house.

In the absence of our new folding, sliding doors, the build has been boarded up, which makes it more intriguing but from time to time I am taken for a reassuring tour of the work in progress. I try hard to make appreciative cooing noises in the right places but at the moment it’s a feat of imagination more than anything else.

Most of the roof has now been done but there is another internal wall to come down and a replacement to be built a little further along the room. This week will see battening out of the walls and first fix electrics and, with any luck, the internal walls will be plastered.

In the meantime I’m back to dog training; and singing; and choir and organising the tuck shop and sorting out the Garden Party committee for the young musicians; and taking on more voluntary work responsibilities. I’m off to India again in three weeks so I should have a think about that too. It’s full steam ahead until the end of term now.

So Sunday evening gloom is more like enjoying the final hours of relaxing downtime before it all starts again. Enjoy the rest of yours.