First triangle


Even with the Boywonder sitting beside me on the sofa providing an occasionally shouty commentary on the FA Cup Final, I admit I do find it hard to concentrate on a whole football match. His team won, so he’s pleased, despite alarming the dogs so much that they ran away.

I’ve fancied doing some crochet for a while, and have far too much unused yarn. My completist tendencies mean that I find it difficult to buy just one ball of yarn: they look so pretty on the website or in the displays that I want to buy them all and, when they’re on special offer in Hobbycraft, well, it would be rude not to.

Sadly, I am no crochet Ninja like @Dyskadores, and my craft skills are basic. I do have a throw project on the go but, if I’m totally honest, it is so muted, and understated and neutral that I became a tad bored by wave upon wave of sophisticated stripes. Anyhow, it’s going to be ages before I have the elegant grey sofa over which to drape it stylishly, yet not too artfully, so that project is on hold for the moment.

Which leaves me with the cacophonous cornucopia of colours, currently clamouring for space in my boudoir cubbyholes. I need to make some inroads into that before the #minsgame compels me to do away with all these clashing balls of acrylic and viscose.

And so it was that I looked up the Attic 24 blog for inspiration. Bunting it is, and you can see my first triangle above. I’ve always had trouble with the central ring so it took a few attempts to get started but here it is, in, as was pointed out by the Gooner Boywonder, a subliminal claret and blue tribute to gallant losers Aston Villa. I didn’t plan it like that, honestly!