It was good to go off and get some fresh air into our lungs today. Hoping to find some slate tile samples for our kitchen and patio, we first took the dogs down to Toys Hill which is, I think, National Trust woodland. It’s quite close and easily doable as a normal dog walk but, if I’m honest, I hesitate to go there on my own in case I get lost.

It seems that spring is a little delayed this year and there are bluebells still out at the end of May but most prominent were the drifts of wild garlic. Everything is still cool and green and we got a little wet in the fine drizzle.

We went for lunch and the OH demonstrated how he can fall asleep in the middle of a conversation, whilst sitting at a table. It’s not good for my confidence in my conversational abilities.

This evening I went off to the monthly Bromley Musicmakers’ concert: a melange of Mozart, Handel, Scriabin, Bizet and, to finish, a piano duet of Tea for Two which was both quirky and perky and sent us all home with a smile.