This evening was sent in the theatre at the offspring’s school – I still call it that even though the Boywonder left last year – watching the Lower School play. As Assistant Director – Music, MsDD has spent almost all of her free time since she broke up for the Christmas holidays writing songs and incidental music for this production of Oliver Twist. She’s coached the cast of Year 7s and 8s – 11 and 12 year olds – in singing and acting and choreography, and sat in at every rehearsal, changing the music according to requirements.

She’s put all of this experience towards the “Voluntary” section of her Duke of Edinburgh award and, whilst appreciating her diligence and the huge amount of responsibility she’s taken on for the  performances, I’ve fretted and stressed at the homework deadlines missed; the less than sparkling school reports; the dip in her grade. Still, as a Year 10, her GCSEs aren’t until next year and there are no controlled assessments anymore, so at least this was the year to do it,.

The play was beautifully staged and there were a few very fine performances. I always find it fascinating to watch the little ones, who gabble and fidget in RP Dulwich voices (think Made in Chelsea) at this stage of their school careers then follow them up to Year 12 and 13, by which stage they have mastered real acting and chorus line choreography and singing the songs of Cole Porter with a range of authentic American accents in Anything Goies!

Standout performances came from the Artful Dodger, played incredibly by a girl, and Nancy. MsDD was in the tech box overseeing her charges on stage and she was incredibly proud of them. As proud as we were of her.