Isn’t May supposed to be about flowers? If you went over to RosieWrites2 today, that’s exactly what you’d see.

Well, we have those and blossom aplenty but our breeze is still cold and from the east and the workman doing some external painting today was assailed by heavy rain and hail. Granted, the hailstones weren’t the size of tennis balls or anything ridiculous like that, but they were enough to make me worry about my car windscreen and they brought the temperature down to 6 degrees in as many minutes. I’m sure it’s not meant to be as cold as this at the end of May. The warmer weather had better hurry up or it will miss the summer.

I liked the light through my landing window early this evening. The ominous slate grey of the clouds is a wonderful foil for the luminous green of the leaves, and makes them ping into your eyes. But on picking up my camera, what did I see? A rainbow! Or a fragment of one, at least.

Does that mean the freezing showers are almost at an end?

In other news, here is the builders’ progress on our house as taken this evening:



Taken from the comfort of our spare room window you can see out to the sloping roof work with its attendant portion of flat roof which is set to bear the weight of the awning and the malevolent windy forces acting on it. The big gaps in the middle are for large roof light windows. I’m hoping that we’ll have some slates on there by the end of the week.