I seem to be having trouble with the interface between the WordPress blogging software and the new Mac Photos application that has replaces the late, lamented iPhoto. I gave up trying to post yesterday’s photos onto my blog and went to bed disgruntled.

I’ve spent most of the day beetling around. First the gym and then those little errand things that you never think you’re going to get done in a day: picking up a prescription; going to the Delivery office to pick up a parcel (nothing exciting just towel turbans); that sort of thing.


On Wednesday I’d read that our local Women’s Refuge had a new resident: a newborn baby, and that plucked at my heartstrings. Domestic violence is yet another of those things I was talking about the other day: it makes up about 10% of all Crown Prosecution Service casework, people are aware it exists and yet it’s something we all prefer not to think about.

Bromley Women’s Aid put out an appeal on Twitter for baby milk and nappies for their newest resident. We have been fortunate enough that our offspring have had everything they ever needed and most of what they wanted. Imagine then that a newborn baby doesn’t even have a secure, peaceful home for his or her first few days. What sort of a start in life is that?

It seemed the least I could do to make a donation so I popped a basketful of stuff up to their offices. I was shocked at their gratitude for my meagre offering. That baby is going to need a whole lot more milk and nappies. I do hope its mother will manage to get back on her feet after her courageous decision to seek help and refuge. I’ll be thinking about them.


Duke of Edinburgh Barbie

Duke of Edinburgh Barbie


MsDD went off to the New Forest for her Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award expedition with packed rucksack that included the items she hastily added at the last minute. The award scheme is all about self-reliance and teamwork. It seems to me that teamwork is going to be more important than self-reliance for her group of girls – she’s not overly happy about this as most of her friends are boys and mixed groups are not allowed to share tents – as they pool their dehydrated pasta packets for the next couple of days. I had read with some relief that the weather was going to be warmer and dry for her but it’s raining here as I write this.

She’s a tough old boot, MsDD, but I do keep worrying that she’ll suddenly have one of her dizzies and have to lie down for an hour, putting her group behind on their walk. There is nothing I can do about it now, but still.


And then, the house project:

Beginning the roof

Beginning the roof

Well, at the end of Week 7 we finally have the beginnings of our pitched roof. The project has been delayed by several redesigns of the roof and wall structure to accommodate an awning that, we’ve finally decided, is going to go across the full 8 metre width. That will put a substantial load on the supporting structure, especially in wind or rainy conditions, and the walls and steel beam have had to be assembled, dismantled and re-assembled a couple of times to accommodate the revised design. I do wish that the architect and structural engineer could have sorted all this out at a much earlier stage but it is what it is. Anyway, work seems to be progressing now.



Hake and veg

Finally, here was my dinner: hake and vegetables at our local fish and chip haunt, The Big Catch. We’re off to Paws in the Park in Ardingly tomorrow. I hope I won’t have to be too surreptitious about the doggy photos I take.