Let's just chill for a bit.

Let’s just chill for a bit.


Good evening friends!

I’m afraid I’m still in post-election hangover mode. I feel cross and sad and powerless about a lot of things. I’ve spent rather too much time on Twitter today, reading the tweets and contributions of people who are also cross and sad and aggrieved. There’s a lot of raw emotion around, that people seem to be letting flow before they gather themselves up again on Monday morning to get on with life.

In this febrile environment, tempers are fraying and some are taking their frustrations out on people unfairly. Luckily this hasn’t happened to me yet.

I feel I’ve written lots of words in the last couple of days and that today’s post should be less rather than more. To those friends who feel bruised by their interactions today and always, then, I offer a couple of essays that have caught my imagination from The Minimalists website and that of Julien Smith, CEO of Breather.

Letting go of shitty relationships by Joshua Fields Millburn

The complete guide to not giving a fuck by Julien Smith

I know, I know. Easier said than done. And not appropriate for everyone in every situation. But worth a ponder nonetheless.