Here am I am again, breaking my fast day with the excellent food of the Emirates lounge at Gatwick. There’s veggie lasagne under that pile of green beans and butternut squash and braised fennel in cream and parmesan sauce. Somehow, I’m sure I’ll be over the 500KCal limit tonight, but I shan’t be eating much during the week and, as MSDD so sagely observes, “It doesn’t really matter, does it?

I find it odd that I only ever seem to indulge my craving for braised fennel when I’m at the airport. We often receive it in our Abel and Cole box and it sits in the fridge bursting with taste and good intentions but it’s always forgotten. Fennel is a quiet and pretty vegetable: it’s so beautiful that I think it’s probably because it’s a shame to take a knife to it.

I’ve left the OH and offspring to sort out the downstairs of our house and put most things into storage ready for the demolition of the old kitchen in a couple of weeks. I don’t envy them. We have lots of stuff and it’s going to be hard work.

As for me: I’m going straight to see my mum on my arrival in Mumbai tomorrow instead of staying in a hotel so it’s going to be quite a long day. I’m quite accustomed to it all now, though and, who knows, maybe I’ll find something to put on Periscope. But there’s no putting it off any longer: I’m wondering whether this will be the time where my mum finally fails to recognises me. I’m bracing myself to take it in my stride. We’ll see.

Anyway, there are a lot of people obviously using the wifi in here and it’s quite slow so I’d better try and upload this before I have to get on the plane.