I spent my afternoon lugging a frame from home to Orpington on trains. We could not collapse it properly with the rest of the swing seat but, having sat outside in our garden since 2003, the bolts on this bit would not give a millimetre and it was too big to transport by car. So train it was.

Here’s me waiting for the second train at Bromley South. It was just as well the guard didn’t see us until we were on the second train: apparently you’re not allowed to board a train with a thing that’s bigger than a metre cubed. He admonished us when he found us standing there somewhere around Petts Wood but it’s not the Wild West: you can’t throw people off hermetically sealed moving trains in Sarf London.

The thing is the support for the canopy of my swing seat, which we then installed in the garden of my mother in law’s house, which is around a mile’s walk from the station. Downhill at first but then uphill. With a frame.

We had supper there but I am fasting again today so no potatoes or stuffing for me. And now I have a headache so I’m off to bed shortly. Night!