This, then, was the view from my bedroom window this morning. Doesn’t look very summery, does it? No leaves on the trees; it’s drizzling and cold. Goodness knows how the Boywonder will adapt to it when he returns from Australia next week.


We finally signed the building contracts with our builder and architect this afternoon, just five minutes before the OH rushed away to board the train to Paris. He’s giving a seminar there for the next couple of days and the preparation for it has meant that he’s been going into work at 6.30am and returning late practically every evening for the last three weeks and simultaneously dealing with recalcitrant banks and insurance companies. I don’t know how he’ll adapt once he’s given the seminar and returned from Paris. I’m sure he’ll find something else to fret about.

In the meantime we girls are left watching films and television, which never happens in our house. Tonight it was Heartburn followed by Prime Suspect. MsDD commented on the latter: “I was telling [friend] the other day: my mum has told me two things: 1) never get involved with a married man and 2) never stop stirring when you make cheese sauce.” I’m glad that she’s remembered at least two things that I’ve ever said to her.


I know this sounds really silly and you’d be right in thinking how ridiculously soppy I am, but our builders start tomorrow and one of the first jobs they’ll do is to dig up the garden ready to lay the foundations of the new kitchen extension. I have been fretting over my poor magnolia, proudly on the verge of bursting into bloom, and one of the first casualties of our house extension. Actually, I’m grieving over its fate. Here are the last pictures of our magnolia in a garden temporarily at peace with itself. I know it will all be worth it in the end, but I’m still really sad about the tree.