[sdropcap]I[/sdropcap]have little to say on my blog today. It’s been a nondescript day with no noteworthy happenings. A sort of day-in-waiting for something to happen. We’re busy finalising the financing and contract for the kitchen project but fiddling with small details such as whether the boiling water tap will also have a filtered drinking water option; whether we can have a matching soap dispenser; whether there will be a limescale filter thingy, that sort of thing. It’s the sort of detail that, in the scheme of things, matters not a jot but has the potential to carry a lot of annoyances in its omission. It’s my intention to prevent a constant wistful sighing over what might have been.

The OH is playing in a concert tonight but I have been out all day and then fiddled with my blog for much of the evening. Do you like the new format? I’ve been eyeing it for a little while. It’s my new best thing until my low boredom threshold inevitably gets the better of me and I’m desperate for more novelty again.




Hm. Even though I used the so-called “macro” option of my camera, it simply couldn’t focus at close enough quarters to show the fluffiness of this brush. Perhaps it’s a macro lens for my birthday.


Now, you know how my continuing quest for the perfect concealer had remained largely unsatisfactorily unresolved? Well I recently had an epiphanic moment at the Hourglass counter in John Lewis. I was complaining that the texture of their Hidden Corrective Concealer was far too heavy to wear under the eyes. The sales assistant wondered whether I was using the right sort of brush. Perhaps it would be better if I applied the concealer with a fluffier brush instead of a flat one?

She demonstrated this on me and the effect was instantaneous and better. I bought the Hourglass No3 All Over Shadow Brush and have not looked back. I was advised that I could apply the Veil Fluid Makeup right up to my lower eyelid – I’m not sure about this. It might be the sunscreen in it or it could just be the biting March wind, but my eyes have watered thius negating the so called anti-ageing effects of their foundation’s Matrix Regeneration Complex that is, if you please, supposed to address collagen production.

The concealer, however, has stayed on all day, when used with a primer, obviously, and has not caked or flaked or curdled unlike all of the other concealers I have tried. In order to cover discolouration and blemishes on the rest of the face, I could still use a flat brush but the fluffy brush makes the concealer easy to blend, especially when applied over foundation.

Sadly, no makeup is ever going to make me look like I’m in my twenties again, but this seems to be the best of the bunch and I shall henceforth be using only this, and changing to a darker shade if necessary whenever we see enough sun for it to change the colour of my skin. I’m utterly delighted with it.


I took this picture just after MsDD returned home from school yesterday. She’d been giving Oscar a cuddle and I wanted to capture the look of sheer bliss on his face as he closed his eyes, head bowed and leaned in towards his Puppy. Sadly, I captured only the moment a few seconds later when he’d opened his eyes and moved bis head away slightly and it looks a little like he’s not enjoying MsDD’s close proximity. It’s still an evocative photo, I think, illuminated by the afternoon sun, but it goes to show that timing is crucial in life.