I have been an occasional contributor to Blipfoto for a few months. I originally heard about this photoblogging community from a Dotty, a tweep, who spoke highly of it as a source of inspiration and education in photography.

The idea is that you contribute a photo every day for comment and appraisal by the community. People can sign up and follow you or just view your photos. I didn’t do it every day but I found the stylish black, friendly, community-oriented site quite appealing.

Blipfoto “merged” with Polaroid a couple of months ago and, almost immediately, the widget link to my blog stopped working. It was unclear to me exactly why Polaroid were interested in Blipfoto but immediately the site went from a stylish, nicely-designed dark to a “minimalist” white background. When I say minimalist it’s in the sense that there was obviously not much effort expended in making the site look nice.

And now Blipfoto have gone into liquidation. People are worried about the photo journals they’ve built on the site and about money they’ve paid for products suich as books and calendars of their photography.

I quite liked having a little photo down their to right of my blog so I looked around for a different app. Instagram was the obvious first choice but I really can’t be doing with all that hashtaggery. My iPhoto seems to have a Flickr interface so I’ve chosen that.

Here, then, is the first Flickr photo, taken on our walk this morning. Ravensbourne station is obviously having some work done but it seemed to me as I approached it reminiscent of some wild west ghost town thing. So that’s why I’ve tinted it a bit sepia.

One day, I shall actually read the book on digital photography and post beautiful poictures like the ones they feature on the blog themes. Until then I have my camera, my ophone and my finger. They’ll just have to do for the time being.