Unusually for our “advanced” dog class, bitches outnumbered male dogs today. This, and spring that, so I am assured, is in the air made for some interesting behaviour. The girls all strutted their stuff, pausing briefly for a flirty sniff or a licky kiss but largely just getting on and showing how excellent they are. They did it slowly, languorously, as tendrils of smoke linger in the air on a summer’s evening.

The boys, however, were driven mad by wafting female pheromones. Even the best trained, most obedient dogs were being silly.  I could not get Oscar to stop his pathetic display of  flopping on the floor to lick the spot where a girl had been sitting and generally regressing to the state of a petulant yet lovesick teenager. I spent most of the class yanking him up into a sitting position trying hard not to hurt is soft fluffy neck. Dogs and humans are not so different.

His lack of concentration resulted in my lack of concentration. It wasn’t a great class today.


Another evening, another concert. This time was the turn of the BYMT Woodwind chamber groups. I was gratified to see that MsDD’s group was on first and that there was a capacity audience than enabled me to perch at the side ready to duck out as soon as MsDD’s group had finished. No-one noticed except the Director of BYMT, who did not look pleased.

I remember when we lived in the Western suburbs of Paris I sang for a while with the adult choir of a local music school. We performed at an end of year concert for mums and dads and I was shocked at the people who turned up only to see their child’s segment, departing straightaway afterwards and thus denying other children an audience. Previously I’d thought this terribly rude and not the done thing at all. But tonight is Monday and MsDD had a huge amount of homework to do, including catching up after her Duke of Edinburgh expedition. So we did the unforgivable thing tonight. Deary me.