We are waiting. Waiting for Godot.

That’s how it feels.

I’m waiting for this virus to clear so I can sing again and go to the gym  again. I feel guilty that I’m not rushed off my feet today.

We are waiting for an important letter. We have been trying to arrange a mortgage with FirstDirect, with whom I have joyfully banked since 1989. After an 90 minute telephone interview, preceded by a long call to John, we were told that an application form would be in the post.

Since the we have waited and called. And waiting and called. And tweeted. The very thing we most need has been “lost in the post.” Why is the most important letter ALWAYS lost in the post?  A replacement is supposedly on its way. We need the application form to arrange a survey of our house and the final go-ahead to borrow a shedload of money.

So far, the application form has been in the post for over two weeks. And we can’t make much progress on the house project at all. Our proposed joint birthday party on is now under threat, as is the portion of time put aside by Pat the builder for this project.

I’d have thought that, given the state of their parent bank HSBC, Firstdirect would be a little more reluctant to wave goodbye to this amount of potential business. Perhaps I’m wrong.

We are waiting for two contractors’ quotes. They are also not forthcoming, despite a couple of sharp emails and texts. Oh dear oh dear. It’s most stressful.


This is Raffles' favourite place: on the shaggy mat by the kitchen door. In the sunshine.

This is Raffles’ favourite place: on the shaggy mat by the kitchen door. In the sunshine.

Today was the first real day of spring, I think. The mud has almost all dried up and, as the sun was almost warm at times, I took the boys for their walk without wearing my coat. I was wearing standard middle-aged, middle class dog owners’ uniform of fleece and gilet. But I changed into a cashmere cardi before I picked up MsDD from school.

There were people out in shorts and T shorts. People: just because the sun is finally shining, IT’S NOT THAT WARM! It’s only about 11 degrees but I suppose we’re had such rotten weather for the last couple of years that seeing the sun is enough to make anyone celebrate.

I took some photos too: