I have feeling not quite myself for a while. The lost voice is symptomatic, I think and, on singing Dove Sono I Bei Momenti last night, I found myself short of breath, so I was worried that I had a chest infection. A quick visit to my GP today disabused me of that notion, thankfully. If anything, the inflamed throat is a pesky virus. If I try not to talk and use my voice, perhaps I’ll get over it. I might even shrug it off before the rehearsal for Carmina Burana and then the concert on Saturday.

I took my camera to dog class, hoping to take some fabulous photos of the dogs – there were 6 flatcoats in Oscar’s class today. When I looked at the screen, the pictures looked all wrong but I couldn’t work out why and the dogs keep moving so I thought that explained it.

Turns out that I had my camera on the wrong setting. I should never try to do anything fancy. I should just use Autofocus al the time.

Anyway, here are a couple of the better photos, with a little adjustment: