…usually much more enjoyable than the actual concert, I’ve always thought.

We rehearsed for next week’s Fairfield Halls Carmina Burana concert this morning at the concert hall in our local school. There are members of three local choirs (including people I knew in my previous choir, many of whom didn’t seem to recognise me) in these photos as well as a youth festival orchestra from BYMT.

I like getting dressed up and performing in public, yes, but I’ve always found rehearsals more enjoyable. I don’t know whether it’s the constant tiny steps of improvement or the air of excited anticipation but I find them much more fun.

Curiously, I am managing to sing the very high notes even though my spoken voice seems to have deteriorated further during the week. It’s either painless laryngitis; or vocal strain or a recurrence of the stress-related voice loss that I used to have a few years ago. I prescribe lots of ice cream and steaming and hot drinks and just not using my voice all week. Which might be a little difficult.

The featured image is a picture of tonight’s sunset from my bedroom window. Loads of Twitter people in South London have posted similar photos tonight. We must all be thrilled at the imminent return of spring.