How do you spend your Sunday evenings?

Do you frantically iron your uniform or your work shirts for the week?

Do you dutifully wash up the wine bottles and plastic detritus from the weekend and place it in your recycling boxes?

Do you cook meals that you can freeze and heat up in a hurry until the weekend’s here again?

Do you make sure you’re up to date with all your emails?

In this house, a teenager is doing her piano practice; a father is taking a tape measure and trying to decide which pieces of furniture to move into the music room; which to place in storage and which to sell or send to charity shops. A mother is planning her week: dog class; making a cake; seeking out prizes for a grand raffle; rehearsing a choral work; arranging to meet old friends she hasn’t seen for years.

And the dogs? The dogs are having their normal Sunday evening wrestling tumble around the sitting room. They don’t know this but they’ll have to relish this space while they can. In a few weeks this will be out of bounds to all but builders.