I’m not feeling on top form today as my cold has flourished. This virus is making me feel nauseous all the time too. Ah, the wonder of the natural world in all its infinite variety! I’m sitting on the floor by the radiator in exactly the same position as Raffles here, who also prefers to be warm and cosy. The OH is watching a documentary about the fall of Enron- it’s clear that they weren’t keen on risk management – but I’m damned if I’m moving from here.

I had to be up early to take MsDD to Saturday Morning Music School and it was my turn to man (woman?) the Reception. When I first volunteered to be on the Reception rota, several years ago, records of the children attending were kept manually and most people paid by cheque or cash so it involved a lot of administration work. Nowadays people can settle their children’s termly fees over the internet and there is very little to do. There have to be two helpers there at all times, though, just in case a child suddenly falls ill or has an accident and one of us has to accompany them to hospital in an ambulance, that sort of thing.

Today I took my knitting but didn’t get much done. There was a rumour that we’d have a fire drill and I didn’t want to be caught out mid-row and return to find it all unravelling.


We spent the whole afternoon being interviewed for a new mortgage to finance our major house extension. It was quite funny hearing the mortgage adviser explain the risks and benefits of the different financing options to a senior international risk manager, and the OH did get quite shirty with the hapless call centre person, operating from a script, at the other end of the phone line.


I’ve made a new discovery recently: make-up brushes made of Taklon, which is a finely milled polyester fibre. The extreme smoothness of the fibres means that the brushes aren’t porous and don’t harbour traces of makeup. This means that they waste less and they’re easier to clean. The ones I have are from Hourglass, and I love them, but they are expensive and I understand that you can get cheaper Taklon brushes elsewhere. This picture shows my current collection: there’s a power brush, a fabulous concealer brush and a foundation brush that I also use for primer.


Applying primer and base products with these fine brushes achieves a really natural air-brushed effect and I find I use far less of the product. I’d definitely recommend them.