It’s so late to be starting a blog post and I have little idea of what I’m going to say tonight. I’m quite busy at the moment, you see. “Busy?” some might ask, “Busy doing what? What on earth do you do all day?

Well, today was a typical Wednesday. I rose at 6.24, came downstairs, sorted out the washing into different loads, put on the first load. Had a quick chat with MsDD before she left for school. Reminded MsDD about documents she needed to take in about her forthcoming school trip to Normandy. Reminded her to take her music books so she could practise during the day.

Put out breakfast things for the OH. Made my breakfast. I’m fasting today as I can’t tomorrow for various reasons. Let the dogs out. Fed the dogs. Cleared away the breakfast things. Wrote the Boywonder a note to do the washing up that he had lazily left in the sink last night. Put on another load of washing. Hung up the first load. Sorted out some sheets that had been dried from the tumble drier. Vacuumed the living room floor. Ordered some coffee capsules and descaler. Ordered groceries on Ocado.

Went upstairs to shower. Dressed and put the third load of washing on. Went over to my mother’s flat to check the work of the decorator. Met the decorator, had a quick chat and agreed to pay him. Returned, took the dogs out. Went to a farm shop to buy milk and stuff for supper and had a chat with the manager there, whom, I discovered, I knew. Went over to Jack Frost and bought dry Orijen dog food and rawhide chewy treats. Drove the dogs to High Elms and walked them for an hour and a bit.

Returned home. Put the fourth load of washing on. Ate a satsuma for lunch. Booked my car in for a service and MOT. Saw to some emails about our extension and other family matters. Cleaned up the garden and let the gardening people in to come and mulch. Put on a fifth load of washing.

Sat and looked at some of the songs I’m preparing for my Diploma. Ordered revision guide and a book about chocolate patisserie as I have to use up the passionfruit in our fruit box and I think I’ll make chocolate passionfruit tart; made goulash for everyone else’s supper. Ate a one pot low calorie supper from Cook for myself. Checked MsDD’s room. Went off to choir. Returned. Admonished the Boywonder at length for his laziness. Arranged to go around to the parents in law’s to chat about Powers of Attorney. Blogged.

That’s fairly normal day. Fine, if a little tiring, so far and I’m sure I’ve missed out a few things.

Now, the Boywonder is off to Australia next week and the OH has said a few times “We must get some Australian Dollars.”

“Fair enough,” I think. “He’ll need them.

What the OH actually means is “Gita, please will you go and get the Australian Dollars?” But he won’t say this directly and clearly. I’m supposed to impute the meaning somehow. What he does say is, “You can pop into Bromley. What are you doing tomorrow?” And he makes that face. That, “Well, you don’t do much,” face.

Tomorrow, as it happens, I’m going to the gym first thing. Luckily, I have my dog walker coming to walk Oscar and Raffles as I have to have my hair cut. I have it done every 2 to 3 months. When it gets all snaggy and needs it.

Then an architect is coming to talk about the existing house insulation in advance of our extension project and my Ocado order will arrive at the same time. There will be more washing and tidying and floor cleaning and blogging and singing practice. I also have to chase up some sheet music that came last week but could not be delivered as it was too big for our letterbox. I have all the ironing to do and supper to cook before I try and have a sleep because I’m going to be up all night tomorrow night. I probably won’t sleep.

So it makes me wonder when, exactly, I’m supposed to “pop into Bromley.” If OH had made himself clear and even ASKED me, I’d have done it before. But I’m busy and can’t fit it in when he’s assuming I’ll do it. And that, “Sorry I even dared to speak,” face just makes me feel stabby.  Grr.