Hm. Well I find myself at a bit of a loose end tonight. Odd how benign this makes me feel. I remember when Saturday nights were endless Val Doonican or The Two Ronnies  followed by Dallas and Starsky and Hutch or a film where my mum would always screen the rude bits (kissing) with her hand and squawk “Break!” to protect my innocence and her blushes.

I had intended to go to concert of a local music group that I’m hoping to join. It’s a higher level than the solo singing group that I normally attend  – they specified minimum Grade 8 level – so I’ve always been rather intimidated about showing my humble little face there. It’s not just singers – in fact there are very few singers left in the group – but soloists of all sorts, including some acquaintances from the local music teaching network. It could be a tad embarrassing to crash and burn during the usual 10 minute recital with them as an audience. My teacher is really pushing me to join and I thought their concert was tonight but it turns out that it’s tomorrow afternoon. Never mind.

So the OH is out playing in a concert and the Boywonder is at the cinema with his GF, in an early showing timed on purpose, I’ll bet, so that he can come home in time for Match of the Day. It will be an interesting one tonight with Man City, Spurs and Chelsea all losing to far less illustrious opponents. Oh yes, we watch the footie on Saturday nights. With ice cream.

Do you want to see a video I took of the dogs’ reaction when I went and picked them up from kennels yesterday? It’s almost worth the trauma of putting them in kennels to witness their irrepressible joy and seeing me again.

Here it is:



I’m annoyed by that blurriness in the centre of the screen. I’m guessing that’s because I moved the camera from a relatively warm car to the cold air. I hope I haven’t damaged it. I’ll make sure I don’t scoff the next lot of Desiccant Silica Gel I come across and put that in with the camera to dry it out.

Or there’s this ad that I came across in the Times of India last week:


I wonder if this sadly misguided lady always wears her underwear in the shower. Clutching at straws? Me? Never!

What to do this evening? MsDD was planning to watch Ocean’s Eleven and I could knit. And have pizza. Or I could just sit and enjoy the rare luxury of having nothing to do for once.