For the first time in my seven trips here I spent a little time exploring the surrounding area. Here’s a gallery of my photos. Some are OK, others leave something to be desired.


I’m a little shy of photographing people in street scenes. In many Asian cultures taking photos of people is seen as taking a away a little of their soul and I’m reluctant to offend in this way. I’ve never encountered this belief in India before, but I’m still wary.

I don’t want people to feel patronised by this “Foreign-returned” tourist taking photos of quaint market scenes either.

My camera has a screen so I have to develop the skill of appearing to mess around with while actually trying to take some decent pictures. I’ve realised, however, that good pictures are not taken by shrinking violets: next time I want to take some pictures I’ll have to be more forthcoming and less furtive in my approach.

We drove halfway up to the hill station to look at the view. Matheran is famous for its little train that goes up to the tiny hill station. One of these days I’d like to do the trip, but the train starts early in the morning and takes a leisurely pace and the round trip would mean a day out of looking in on my mum from time to time. Not sure I could cope with that much guilt!

Here’s a taster, anyway: