Bear with me. I’ve not got much to write today. I mean, there are things I could write about. I could write  about how annoyed I am that I get up at 6.24 every morning to make sure I connect with my daughter before she goes off to school and then I complete all sorts of jobs (dishwasher; clear up the poo in the garden; three loads of washing; feed dogs; wait in for burglar alarm engineer; sort out dogs with dog walker; sort out lots of other things; go for workout at gym; shop for supper on the way home) before my son deigns to rise just as I return, as he’s working from about lunch time onwards for, what is it, four hours today?

I could but that would be a whinge, and would serve no purpose. It also means that the whole of the internet could see it and might make adverse judgements about my darling firstborn, which I wouldn’t want. Well, I say, the whole of the internet: actually it’s the whole of the internet minus members of my family who never read my blog.

That’s a bit of a slap in the face isn’t it? That people I’ve never even met (and some that I have) seem to enjoy reading this blog and yet my nearest and dearest don’t bother? “Why is that, Gita?” you might ask. Well, apparently it’s because they don’t need to read any of these thoughts because I can just tell them. Now, dear Reader, you and I know that there’s probably a bit more to this than that.

Which brings me to that famous quote from the late, great, Dr. Maya Angelou:

People will forget what you said
People will forget what you did
But people will never forget how you made them feel.

All of the above makes me feel a little overlooked by my fam and yet cherished by the people who comment on my blog posts. Which is weird, no?


Anyway if we’re not whinging, how about a post about lipstick?


Nars Audacious Lipstick: Leslie. Taken with my new camera and fiddled with on Aperture.


“Don’t you already have enough red lipsticks, Gita?” That would be a pertinent question. Yes, I have loads in all sorts of shades of red. (Not 50, as you ask.) But my existing brownish red is a matt formulation and then I saw these Nars Audacious Lipsticks displayed in all their glory on the John Lewis website.

5190344183_0cc4248cb0_m_Leslie-CaronThere are 40 different shades, apparently, and they’re all named after Hollywood Goddesses. This one’s called Leslie after Ms Caron, I assume. This is she. (Isn’t it funny that her name is spelt in “male” form of the name, as opposed to “Lesley?”)

This is the creamiest lipstick I’ve used and feels gorgeous on the lips but it doesn’t stay there for long unless you use a lip liner pencil first. Then it stays on for ages.  I’d definitely recommend it. The packaging is really lovely too, with a magnetic top that clicks into place when you’ve put it on the right way round and holds the cap there so it doesn’t come off in your bag. I’ll explore these in the future but I’m already feeling guilty about buying this one so I’ll have to wait awhile.


In other news, choir restarts tonight and we’ll be concentrating on preparing Carmina Burana for our concert at the Fairfield Halls on 14th March. It’s the first time I’ll have seen most of my comrades in song since the #tiaragate debacle just before Christmas. I’m bound to go in cringing but I’ll get over myself eventually and I might even go to the pub afterwards.


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