Raffles is fast asleep.

Who knows what he’s dreaming about?

Could he be chasing squirrels in the park, unfettered by the wretched flexi-lead? NuMum is madly calling him but he ignores her. He’s running and running, all the way across the park, dodging the cars going up to the golf course, skimming the muddy puddles and climbing the trees to catch that sassy squirrel in the end. Superbeagle, he is. Invincible.

Is he dreaming about untold biscuits and gravy bones and meat piled up in his bowl in a never-ending feast that he never has to share?

Or about a huge room with a thousand sofas, each with a pile of cushions on it that he can push off systematically one by one onto the floor?

Perhaps he’s dreaming about being all cosy in the searing heat of Singapore, chasing lizards and sleeping under the swimming pool by day and having his walks at night around the neighbourhood, drinking in all the spicy curry and noodles and rice smells with his finely-tuned nose.

Or maybe in his sleep he’s back in his old house, curled up on him mum’s clean white sheets keeping her company when everyone else has gone out.

Whatever he’s dreaming about, he’s exhausted after class this morning. So many dogs to meet and watch, as they all run meekly back to their owners or find and retrieve the ball from those buckets. Well, he’ll find the ball if he must but he’s blowed if he’s going to pick it out of that thing. No, that sort of work is beneath him so he yells at NuMum to do it. Why exactly should be bring the ball back? It’s much more fun to run around the hall and show everyone how clever he is. She would  only put it straight back in her pocket anyway.

Raffles is curled up in a ball all safe in his little den. He snores loudly, his face twitches and he wheezes, the pointy pink tip of his too-long tongue protruding from his mouth as he sleeps. Dog class has worn him out.


I tried to take this picture and blur the background by adjusting the aperture but it seemed that the camera didn’t want to take such a blurry photo in the end, so I uploaded the photo into Aperture and added the blurred effect that way.