Beautiful Oscar


I’m not saying much in today’s post.

BYMT Saturday morning music school term started today so it was up early to run the tuck shop. I asked the leader of one of the bands if they’d consider playing at a party later in the year. For some obscure teenage reason MsDD, who doesn’t even play in that band anymore – though she’d love to have the time – was weirded out by this.

We were taken in the afternoon by a very keen and accommodating builder to see one of the properties he’s completed. I know we have to put our kitchen project out to tender, but I really haven’t the stomach for all that stuff: I just want it all done now.

And I went off to Waitrose to pick up my January Blues purchase: a new camera. I’ve seen the pictures other people take and I want to learn how to do it better. It’s an intimidating new world, though: proper photography. I do find it funny how the marketing for this camera, an Olympus PEN, targets women and bloggers but am refusing to let myself feel patronised by that.

My first subject was, of course, my beautiful boy. I’m pleased with this for a first attempt. Normally it’s really difficult to photograph black dogs to see their expressions. If you have any suggestions about how I could improve this, I’d love to hear them. Before you fret, I did try to photograph Raffles but he’s not as keen as Oscar on posing for the camera yet, and kept moving away.