Oscar doesn't seem that bothered that he's not going to school today

Oscar doesn’t seem that bothered that he’s not going to school today

It’s hard getting back into the normal routine when the Christmas decorations are still up. We leave ours up until Twelfth Night as is, I believe, traditional. I’ve heard that Polish people leave their decorations up until Candlemas, the halfway point of winter,

As today is Monday I’d normally be taking the dogs to their respective training classes but, having done this before on my daughter’s last holiday Monday and regretted spending that time in that freezing cold village hall instead of with her, I walked the dogs alone instead.

It’s back to doing my singing practice too. I simply haven’t had time for the last couple of of weeks but my next lesson looms and I need to show at least some progress with my Dove Sono i Bei Momenti? Perfecting the timing of that tricky recitative would be a start and I need to develop the muscle memory to anchor my larynx to achieve a consistent sound with those high notes. That’s if I can move from this place on the floor with my feet on the radiator.

Today I’m resuming my regular Monday fast too. I didn’t over indulge this Christmas but a combination of not fasting; not walking the dogs much and fewer visits than usual to the gym has made me gain about 3KG in weight. I have to start to reduce to again somewhere so it starts today. Again, it’s hard to eschew food when there is still so much Galette des Rois and vegetable crisps and nuts around, not to mention the Christmas chocolates we were given but I must try and remember how good slim feels.

Also coming off today is the festive nail polish. I’ve loved this sparkly red three week manicure but I’m going for something more sober. Sparkly white or sparkly pink perhaps? We shall see.


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