Did you see the New Year in at all?

As it turned out, our offsprings’ New Year’s Eve’s plans changed so, for the first time in ages, all four of us were at home for a family dinner. We watched the Lion King and then tuned into Jools and his Hootenanny to see in the New Year. I do adore Jools.


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Today the whole family congregated at my cousin’s house in the Kent countryside for a convivial family lunch. The cuisine was a mixture of mediterranean, Persian and Indian; the wine was French and the talk was of our plans for the year.

No-one toasted absent friends, but they were in our thoughts: the two teenagers who couldn’t be there and my late cousin Nisha.

What will the next year bring? There will be exam results for some and new schools, new universities for others, perhaps in far flung places. New jobs; new hobbies; new ways of occupying our time. It’s all exciting and positive. 2014 was hard and heart-rending for our family. We have high hopes that 2015 will be much better.