IMG_1957I always make New Year’s Resolutions. Usually I manage to keep to them, more or less. They’re usually focused on self-improvement: eat less; read more; exercise more; be a better person and are an indication that I didn’t think much of myself in the preceding year. As an example of this, let me refer you to a post I wrote a couple of years ago, here. I laughed when I read this. I’d shame myself with most of these things again now.

Instead this year, I’ve decided, I’m going to be kinder to myself. Instead of making every day a constant admonishment because I’m not a better person, I’m going to take care of myself a little more.

In the same way as I’ve decluttered my mother’s flat, I’m going to get rid of a lot of the things I bought in the mistaken belief that they would make me happy, that they’d somehow fill a personality void. When you’ve paid good money to buy things, it’s sad to let them go, of course, but I’m sure I shan’t miss “L’Histoire de la France pour les Nuls,” or the Bobbi Brown eye blender brush or the diaphanous black silk chiffon Isabella Oliver dress that, even now I’ve lost the weight, still makes me look like a funeral balloon. I am certain that such a thing exists somewhere.

I no longer need the bun tins in which every mince pie I’ve ever made has stuck like an undesirable piece of loo roll to the shoe sole. I no longer need the broken Christmas lights that we could probably fix, or the suitcase with the missing wheel. You get the picture. And yet I cling on to these things that have always been, will always be, unsuitable for me in the hope that I can one day fix what’s wrong. Nope. Not going to happen.

And so it is with people. As you know, I’m an avid user of Twitter. I am commencing my 7th year on there and it’s been a lifeline in the loneliest times. It’s kept me informed and made me laugh and I’ve made some real friends on there too, for which I’m truly grateful.

I am now finding, however, that the Twitter environment is becoming darker, angrier, much less fun. I have always opposed mob rule and Twitchunting. A lot of people are justifiably angry at the moment and this is leading to a general reduction in civility. Sometimes, as in the outside world, I come across people who don’t mean any harm, whose heart is in the right place, but who just can’t help pointing out how much better they are; how they would handle a situation better; who can’t help giving advice or telling me how wrong I am without knowing the whole situation. People incapable of any empathy. People who make assumptions based on their prejudices. People who don’t think before they hurl insults. I can do without these people cluttering up my life on Twitter. Goodness knows I meet enough of them in real life. I can no longer wait and see if a person can fix what’s wrong for themselves in the same way as the lipstick that’s never suited me is never going to suit me. So I’ll just let them go on their way.

This isn’t a Twitter flounce, nothing dramatic like that. But staying on there as much as I do, especially in a highly-charged year isn’t going to be good for me. So instead I’ve decided to share more of my thoughts on my blog where people will have to seek them out to read them. Practice makes better and I’m hoping that writing every day will make me a better writer.

There will still be all the usual Mscellany, but I’m going to try and write something every day so it’s a sort of journal. Which is why I’ve changed the theme back to a simpler, less cluttered format. I do hope you’ll continue to read this blog and that your 2015 is filled with peace, good health and happiness.