It was my turn to bake for the band this week.

Until recently my friend Elizabeth – who became a close friend after we shared a 12 hour Sicilian driving odyssey in July – had been producing around eighty small cakes every week for the hungry teenagers during the break in their rehearsal. We thought it unfair for her to continue shouldering this immense responsibility so at least 17 of us (mainly) mums have added our names to the rota.

These fantastic, dedicated, talented children give up all of their Friday evenings during term time to rehearse for concerts and competitions and their annual tour. Most of them have extra curricular commitments at school and outside school during the week, and they’ll all have to get up at 7.30 the following morning to attend Saturday morning music school. We think they deserve a little Friday night treat.

On Saturdays there’s a tuck shop which we take turns to manage. I do the shopping for it one or twice a term and trundle around the cash and carry with the trolley that never rolls properly. Sometimes there’s too much stuff to fit in our small cupboards so I’m currently driving around with Coke and crisps for the next concert in the back of my car. I enjoy taking my turn at the tuck shop. It’s a great opportunity to catch up with the news and to get to know people. Mum networking.

It took me a whole day to bake and ice these brownies (no nuts) and fairy cakes. The green ones had more takers than the red ones, interestingly, but the brownies were snapped up first. MissDD proudly announced that it was her mum’s turn to do the refreshments and some of the teenagers made appreciative noises.

Those Sainsbury’s carriers under the counter contain food we’ve all donated to make up hampers as raffle prizes to raise money for the children’s tour to Andalusia next year. The more money we raise, the more excursions and activities they’ll be able to do. Someone will take the food and present it beautifully in hampers that someone else has found or donated. They’ll be raffled at our concert next Saturday.

It’s one of the things we do for our children. We give them our time. If it weren’t for volunteers, we would not be able to run the tuck shop or give the kidz their little Friday treats. So well done us.