We are on holiday In Goa. It should be rather hot and sunny but instead we have caught the end of a belated monsoon season. Cyclone Nilofar has formed in the Arabian Sea and we’re getting the outlying rain and thunderstorm bands.

Which is fine.

Why is it fine to come all the way to India for a holiday in the sun and find torrential rain?

Even though it’s raining, it’s still warm. There are plenty of things to do here in the hotel. We have been to the gym and done our half-term homework. We have read our books and drafted several blog posts. Rain is inspirational. One does not feel guilty consuming coffee and cake or having a pedi inside.

All you can do in hot weather is sit outside and even then it has to be in the shade. When it’s too hot, it’s uncomfortable and everyone is grumpy. (I am aware that I am starting to sound like an old person)

It’s so much more pleasant to go sightseeing in the rain, as long as it’s warm. Which it is.

There are fewer people out and about which means it’s more comfortable for everyone.

Rain means no sunburn so no need for constant reapplication of sunscreen. All that effort. What a pain that is.

And even if you’re not sunburnt, you tan. Which, as we know ladies, is skin damage and so terribly ageing. Welcome the soft refreshing rain, guardian of skin.

Absence of sun means that I can stay with 50 Beige foundation instead of having to move to 64 Beige Ambre. I can retain my desirable wheatish complexion and I shan’t have to rethink my make-up. At all.

Make-up does not curdle and run with the inevitable glow caused by being far too hot.

Rain means that the biting insects stay away. They can’t fly in the rain so no need for rancid-smelling, environment-murdering insect repellent. Malaria, I laugh in your face. ¬†Yay!

If only all holidays were rainy days!