We’re here in India at Diwali time. I’m often conflicted at this time of the year because I feel I should be doing more to celebrate and help my children appreciate their Indian roots and yet daily life in the UK gets in the way. I wrote about this conflict a while ago.

This year Diwali has coincided with MissDD’s half term and we have made the most of it to come and visit my mum and combine that with a family holiday in Goa.

India at Diwali time isn’t quite like it was when I was a child. Then, there were non-stop fireworks and firecrackers around every street corner for three whole days. Recent noise nuisance laws have restricted these to the odd crackle here and there, although we did see a group of people letting off some colourful fireworks on the Mumbai seafront on Tuesday evening.

Have a look at this gallery of lights and flower petals and rangoli, to celebrate the triumph of good over evil; to welcome good fortune into the house and to ward off evil spirits.

All in all it’s a great welcome to India.