Archers banner courtesy of the BBC and Mr. Keri Davies.

Archers banner courtesy of the BBC and Mr. Keri Davies.


Now, although they keep it quiet, several friends and acquaintances are only too eager to step out of the shadows and discuss The Archers at the merest hint of a mention of the long-running everyday story of country folk. I find it really odd that so many can never mention the programme like it’s some sort of taboo, but once I say I’ve been listening, they’re only to happy to discuss the story with me for hours.

On Wednesday nights, choir practice starts at 7.30 and I sit in the car listening to my favourite programme on the wireless before I go and take my place in the hall. A while ago became aware by a sort of osmosis that I could see other people doing exactly the same in their respective cars. And so it was that Gwynnie and I began discussing outrageous story lines whenever we could before, after and sometimes during choir. Even our (German) choirmaster joins in down the pub occasionally, though I suspect he’s just humouring us.

Last night, we learned that Henry has chickenpox. Just dropped into the conversation, this momentous event. Gwynnie and I were immediately on the case:

What’s the thing with the chickpox storyline?

“Well, Helen’s bound to be pregnant and Rob Titchyknob’s child will be disabled.”

“No, that’s German measles, isn’t it?
“Well, German Measles is very serious, yes, but pregnant women are told to avoid contact with anyone who has chickenpox or shingles, just in case.”

“Aha. So Helen will spend her whole, longed-for, pregnancy worried that the baby will have something wrong with it, but the baby will be born fine in the end.”

“Yes, but in the meantime, Helen will have sent herself over the edge with worry and Rob will blame her and Henry.”

 “Bingo! Now, what about Roy going to see Usha?”

“Well, no-one will want to see that all around the village so Lizzie will give Roy a huge payout and he’ll have to sign a confidentiality agreement.”

“Yes. And that will let the scriptwriters off that ridiculous storyline.”

“Too true.”


What do you think, #thearchers fans? What is the purpose of Henry’s chickenpox? And was he incubating it when Jess came round, thus potentially risking her baby/cushion*? Gwynnie and I await your opinions. Or voice them on


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