Here I am following Attic 24‘s step-by-step idiots’ guide to trying to crochet this ripple pattern. I want to make a throw to go over the putative new sofa that I shall be ordering for the putative new sitting room, which has not even reached the state of satisfactory architect’s drawings.  You can see I live in hope.

I have tried to follow this easy step by step illustrated guide TO THE LETTER four times but I have one mountain where there should be valleys. Here are the results:



IMG_2036I simply cannot work out where I keep going wrong. I am clearly an idiot. I have friends such as @Dyskadores who crochet wonderful things of great beauty. I am not a craftswoman at heart but I am trying. Other human beings can do it so it must be possible. Just not for me, yet. But I can picture the throw, in my mind’s eye. And one way or another, I’ll do it. It might just take a while.