OK. This is what I think about tomorrow’s suggested #Twittersilence:

I get why people are doing it, I think. And, funnily enough, I’m against threats of rape and violence on Twitter too. But the fact that some celebrities have claimed the moral high ground means that those of us who feel that it might not necessarily be the way forward are pressurised into accepting it in order not to look like a total knob.

I generally say Good Morning and Good Night to people every day and it would seem odd and rude not to do so tomorrow. I am on Twitter for companionship and have made real friends. Yes. real friends. And I don’t see why horrible trolls and their nasty, violent threats should impinge on that, especially since tomorrow is my birthday and it would be natural at least for me to check in and say hello.

I still have people mutter and sometimes shout racist abuse at me and, like many women (and men) I find it difficult to gauge the extent of sexism and now ageism that I face. I have kept quiet and ignored that sort of thing for too long and it has done me no good whatsoever. You wouldn’t expect me to keep quiet about that – why should anyone be allowed to force my silence? – and I feel the same way about this.

So I know that I’m not a self-appointed Guardian of Public Morality, just a lowly housewife and blogger, albeit a glamorous one (in my head), but if I want to talk to my friends or see what useful things people are posting on here tomorrow I don’t see why anyone should force me away, trolls or slebs.

So, whatever you decide, have a happy Sunday 4th.

With love