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Hello again!

You might have noticed a blog hiatus recently. I’ve had a touch of blogger’s block. I have thinking thoughts that cannot be put to laptop here. I’ve missed my blog, though, and thought I’d come back to it with some film-flam that’s not too deep for this hot afternoon.

So here is my lipstick organiser. I like lucite, the way it sparkles in the sunshine, the utilitarian wipe-cleanness that exists to show off its contents without detracting from their glory. And look at those contents! I’ve had a clear-out lately of the old, old ones that smell rancidly waxy but you can easily tell which ones I’ve had the longest or use the most. Yes. The brown ones. The inoffensive nudes. The polite, unintrusive ones that blend in and make no more of a statement than, “Hello, I’m nice.” They are largely Bobbi Brown with the odd Mac one for kicks in the background.

The darkest shade of Bobbi Brown lipstick I possess, incidentally, is that one at the bottom left, called Italian Rose. I was told by the shiny consultants to wear that for evening but, rebelliously, I wear it during the day now, and on hot days like today that demand minimal gloss. But recently, you see, I have reconsidered my approach to cosmetics. I am no longer content to blend in to be “Me, only prettier. That’s just not enough. I have given freer rein to my wilder side. Not that Chanel is anything but ultra-refined, of course, but the colours are more defined and make more of a statement. I have revisited liquid eyeliner. And I’ve taken to wearing RED lipsticks again. Yes, I think I am going through a mid life crisis. I don’t want to blend or fade or simper anymore.

Take a look at the longer (hence newer) lipsticks here. Shades of red: gloss, matt but deep, bright and dark colours that make a statement. That say “Look at me: I’m here. What are you going to do about it?” It takes  a certain amount of courage, or bravado, to wear an undeniably sexy colour all day. I have always found that a more daring side to my personality is unleashed as the red-loaded brush touches the willing lips. It’s a great pick-me-up for a bad mood day but definitely to be given a wide berth if it’s the sort of day where you just want to stand in the corner and glower. And red is high-maintenance: you can’t just smear it on as you sit at the breakfast table and hope for the best. No, red lips must be applied with finesse, with a brush, and checked regularly for fading. Reapplied in public, if necessary, using a mirror. They demand time and care and so does their wearer. “Indulge me,” they say, “And I’ll make it worth your while.”