This was the tweet that started it:

Dogs Trust Tweet

Of course, that was a challenge to investigate. Now, Wagtail Walk is in Langley Park, a gated development built some fifteen years ago on part of the old Glaxo Wellcome research establishment site in Beckenham. We have looked at some houses there and they are very well appointed. Trouble is that Langley Park is a long walk from anywhere and the pristine, leafy estate resembles a model village, the dolls houses built on a somewhat disturbing smaller scale than the luxury cars standing in front of them.


Did I look suspicious in my Decathlon hoody and waterproof, walking up to the black iron security gate with my big, black dog? Well obviously not, because the pedestrian gate slid open for us and we walked through the tiny, silent shrub-lined lane to arrive at:

IMG 0893


 Mission accomplished!