I bought us all OnePiece onesies for Christmas. Here is a picture of us relaxing in them on Christmas afternoon.

25 12 2012 Family in Onesies 2

Photo by Grandad. ©Gita Beecroft 2013


Now, I know that the received wisdom is that Onesies are a fashion no-no verging on a faux pas for anyone over about 13 (Miss DD is 13) but I utterly, utterly love mine.

People sneer at them because they say they resemble babygros. Yup. And there’s a reason for that. Slipping a squirming baby into a babygro is easier, more practical and much more comfy than wrestling with tights and teeny-tiny baby trousers. They’re cosy and comforting. Onesies were specifically designed as hangover recovery wear for students. I want to know why students have to have all the fun. In my opinion a Onesie is far preferable to Jeremy Kyle-style joggers.

And think of other all-in-one garments like dungarees or workmen’s overalls. Practical. No nonsense. Not that sexy but do we really need to be sexy when we’re emulsioning the ceiling? Like in those ads where they and up sexily flicking paint at each other? That’s not reality, you know. It only happens in films. In reality I’d be far less nonchalant about being passionately covered with Magnolia Kiss emulsion: it takes an age to get it out of fabric and hair. And the mess! The waste!

Besides, where is the law that says we have to dress sexily all the time? Don’t we spend quite enough time in pencil skirts or cigarette trousers that make us feel bloated and heels that, be honest, discourage us from the trek up the road to Pret a Manger? Do we have to be on sexy duty all the time? I say stuff that. There are times when comfort is key like on Sundays after finishing the ironing or having walked 35Km for Moonwalk2013 training. I had après-ski in mind for ours. They’ve got a cosy, fleecy lining you see. Just right for sitting around and knitting, or reading. Or downtime in general. Or dreaming about downtime. And they won’t flap and smudge wet toenail polish.

Of course, depending on how you look at it, a onesie can be sexy too!

I hope OnePiece don’t mind me using their Valentine’s publicity photo here.


IMG 0939


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