I recently joined a new choir, as you know. It’s the Adult Choir attached to the wonderful Bromley Youth Music Trust. We’re preparing Handel’s Messiah. (OK you pedants, I know there’s supposed to be an umlaut on the “a” but does anyone, did anyone,  in this country ever really call him “Herr Hendel?”)

We’ll be performing this fantastic piece, that I haven’t sung since I was 11 years old, in Bromley in April with a choir from our twin town Neuwied in the Rhineland and a month later our choir will go and sing it with them in Germany. It’s a bit presumptuous since I’m such a new member but the Rhineland is so pretty in the spring. It’s just a week before the Moonwalk 2013, unfortunately, so I’ll have to take my walking kit for a yomp down the Rhine.

Now, I’ve been singing with choirs for ten years now and we usually sing in black and white for concerts which is fine, but I’ve never been able to find the right shoes. A proper Goldilocks I am: shoes are either too high or too tight or too low or too big. I once spent an entire concert crippled by the cross-over straps of my shoes pressing on my high instep. Sadly pain contributes little, if anything, to the quality of the singing. My darling OH bought me those Loubies mentioned in a previous post but they have precariously high, thin heels, and both standing AND simultaneously singing in them is a multi-task too far.

So I took advantage of a voucher I had for Upper Street shoes, ordered these beauties on New Year’s Eve and, two weeks later here they are. The three inch heel is really comfy and the satin will gleam prettily under my long black velvet skirt. I can’t wait to wear them. I think their first scheduled outing will be at a concert with the youth bands at the Fairfield Halls in Croydon on 9th March. Marvellous!


***Upper Street didn’t sponsor me at all to write this post. I just  their shoes because they fit. ***

All photos © MsAlliance Gita Beecroft