I took this photo with the fisheye attachment for my iPhone. © Gita Beecroft

I  this little place at the very top of Shire Lane in Downe, Kent. Jack Frost is a family business open 7 day per week that sells pet foods and toys and hay and blankets and rope leads and bulls’ penises and cat treats and rabbit hutches and is a cornucopia for anything your pet might want or need. I buy Orijen kibble for my pampered pooch Oscar, to give his breakfast a little added crunch.

The shop consists of two (or is it three?) little sheds and there always seems to be a kitten running around. The resident Jack Russell cross puppy sits in her crate in the shop and they were recently joined by a parrot. Apparently she talks and whistles but she’s never said anything to me.

Today I went there to replace the gundog lead that I dropped while trying to pick my way through the Chislehurst mud last week. The family was stressed and in some disarray, having been broken into again last night. The thieves took some bird seed, apparently, but left all the more valuable stuff. They reckon it’s annoying kids, as the thieves seem to crawl through small holes they make in the fence and they seem more interested in mindless vandalism than in actually taking away anything valuable. They have removed the lids from Jack Frost’s chest freezers before and last night slashed open some feed bags. The family has recently acquired a fearsome-looking GSD, an ex-Police dog trainee, to help deter morons but he was away from the property last night.

What a pity that treasures such as Jack Frost, that pride themselves on providing knowledgeable service to local people, are constantly threated by idiots with nothing more constructive to do. But if you’re local do go up and have a look at Jack Frost: I always enjoy my visits there.


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