My children take the school bus to school. It is expensive but it’s a convenient way of getting them there as it’s a fairly complicated journey with large instruments (sometimes two), sports bag and school bag of heavy books. The bus keeps about 35 cars off the road in rush hour so that’s good too. The journey takes about half an hour because the school bus can use bus lanes. At rush hour this journey, which is only 15 minutes during the rest of the day, takes around an hour for the rest of us.

The offspring have to be out of the door on their way to the bus stop by 7.30 but from tomorrow the bus will leave five minutes earlier so that the children “arrive at a more comfortable time.” The children, having got up earlier to arrive earlier will be hanging around outside at school in the cold for five minutes longer. More comfortable for whom? Not us “country bumpkins” who don’t live in Dulwich and probably don’t push as hard or shout as loudly as those who do. Grr