NewImageFirst let me wish you a very happy and healthy 2013, Dear Reader. I don’t know about you but I’m already pretty exhausted. January is truly a dismal month and, frankly, I do wonder exactly why the quest for self-improvement has of necessity to begin right slap bang in the middle of the Northern Hemisphere’s miserable winter. Those of you overseas might not appreciate that we in the UK have had a particularly dismal year, weatherwise, even for us, with few warm sunny days. We are flooded or at least waterlogged and that, combined with the grim economic news, is making many of us not a little tetchy. I can’t see why we can’t make our New Year’s Resoultions at the same time as Mother Nature, in April. But heigh ho, there you go.

I tend not to make too many promises to myself for fear of breaking them all too soon. The ones I do make usually require just a small change in the way I think or do. These resolutions tend to last the longest so here are mine for this year:


  • Don’t binge

I don’t drink much and I think my appetite for the state of oblivion died completely with gas and air at the birth of the Boywonder. But I do tend to overindulge on sweets and carbs. It’s comfort-eating really. I’d like to see if I could be hypnotised out of this one day. When I was a pure veggie for Lent last year I craved Green and Black’s Caramel and ate at least one bar a day. Shock horror, I gained some Kgs. But anyway: no bingeing on biscuits and chocs please. I haven’t even mentioned the clothes and kitchenware yet.


  • Stop dicking around on the Internet and read more

Well yes, I know that reading reports posted on Twitter and blog posts and Wikipedia articles is reading of sorts and all soooo interesting but I need to catch up with real books. I’m always surprised how much I enjoy it and having a daughter who is better read than oneself is unsustainable.


  • Phone people

This one is perpetual. I have been phonephobic for years and I need to just stop this and get a grip. I’ve had some great phone conversations recently, particularly in the last few weeks and I should carry on with this.


  • Finish the damn cable jumper

Sigh. I think I am now on my 8th reknit.


  • Keep up the good work with the fitness and cutting back on meat

Well, one has to recognise progress, no?


  • Ditch people who consistently make me feel bad. 

Yes. Well, anyone can make a mistake but I’m tired of keeping going with the sort of people who ride roughshod over me in their quest for self justification. Get a grip and some self-awareness you people. I shall no longer bite my lip and seethe for months as a part of the friendship dies forever. No. If people want to be like that, they are no friends of mine. Leave them to themselves, I say. Likewise with Twitter people who irritate me with their constant, unthinking tribalism. I know it is good try follow people with whom one disagrees and I have made a point of this, but sometimes it is just too much of a headache. UNFOLLOWED


  • Challenge racism/sexism/homophobia/discrimination on the spot

I’ve spent too long shying away from doing this for fear of causing a scene. That helps no-one.


And finally one that my cousin suggested to me at dinner last night:


  • Stop worrying about how you treat CERTAIN PEOPLE

Some people will never change. (Have I got that right, N?)


What are your New Year’s Resolutions then?